Building differently, sustainably

We develop new solutions for sustainable construction.

With our constructive model, we design and build differently, sustainably

Our constructive approach, integrated from the design phase, allows us to reduce delays and the impact of our constructions on the environment.
It also allows us to deliver works of constant quality.

We want to build quickly, while respecting the environment and the expectations of our customers

With our constructive processes, the duration of a building site is reduced by 10 to 20% compared to a traditional building site.
The material and human investment is limited on our building sites.
This model reduces the environmental impact, the nuisance for local residents and the risk of accidents.
It permanently guarantees perfect conformity to the design and extreme precision in execution.

We reinforce the precision of our achievements thanks to FullBIM

With FullBIM, we develop an accurate digital avatar of all our projects.
In this way, we are solving synthesis or safety problems, reducing deadlines, making our after-sales service more efficient and deploying BIM Exploitation.
Today, it allows us to manufacture the future elements of the building by adapting them precisely to each situation, and to manage and coordinate the different stages of the project, from design to operation.

We develop new sustainable construction solutions

The components of our buildings are manufactured in our teams, we are now developing new low-carbon construction solutions mixed concrete and wood more ecological and more industrialized. With a particular emphasis on the autonomy of our buildings in water and energy

The safety of all is our top priority

We have put in place a rigorous and uncompromising safety policy. Whether in the workshops or on the building sites, but also in our offices, it applies to all SB employees, suppliers and subcontractors.

Do you want to work with us

We look for talent to innovate and change the entire world, we look for leaders with creative ideas.