Renovate to give new life to buildings

Giving existing buildings and structures a new life, while respecting current energy requirements
Smart building renovates your property to enhance its value and improve the well-being of its occupants. This approach allows you to reposition a property on the market, to optimize rental space or to transform the use of the building.
Administrative and financial advice, support in the analysis of the technical aspects of the renovation, choice of the most suitable innovative and efficient solutions, Smart Building is at your side at all stages of your renovation project.
Whatever it is and whatever its size.

Renovating is also innovating

We carry out 4 types of building renovations:
Renovation with innovative, flexible and fast technical solutions
Our renovation solution replaces the building’s old façade with a new technological envelope that integrates all of SB’s exclusive equipment: triple glazing with integrated blinds and air treatment modules.
The facade is redesigned and becomes active by hosting all the technology of the building. The false ceilings have been removed, which allows for an increase in the volume of the spaces. Thermal and acoustic comfort is optimized. The renovated buildings can then become intelligent.

Traditional renovation

We intervene in so-called « traditional » renovation for « Haussmannian » buildings, as well as for structures. We bring to these « turnkey » renovations our strength of proposal and our capacity for innovation.

Do you want to work with us

We look for talent to innovate and change the entire world, we look for leaders with creative ideas.